Integration & Optimization

Working on a template for a new site can be a difficult task; it is very common, while adding your content along with multiple extensions, to get to a point that the site's parts don't blend effectively anymore.


Our service will assess your content and will polish it to the point that all fits together in the most visually compelling way.


We will create the necessary customizations in a secure way that will not break after updating your template or CMS.


The service will also make sure that any media you have included is of the proper type, in the proper dimensions, and in the lowest possible size in order to make sure that your website will load as fast as possible.


Supported CMS: Joomla, Wordpress. Halcyon Engine is used to analyze your website and identify problems in the website's performance. For best performance we recommend you to use our hosting services in order to get the advantage of the Halcyon Engine.

Due to the fact each site is different the service will require between one (1) and three (3) weeks for completion.

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